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Woo hoo!  This is a moment I’ve been waiting for for a while now.  Tomorrow morning I’ll be leaving hom at 3:00 AM and driving the 700 plus miles to Georgia for the Orange Conference.  I’ve said before that I’m excited to meet some people for the first time, meet new people, listen to some inspiring speakers, and just have a great time.  My only regret is that my wife will not be able to experience it all with me.  She always has been my right hand [wo]man and my best volunteer.  Plus, she’s super cute!

However, like you, she will be able to stay up on everything happening by reading this blog (don’t worry honey, I’ll call you too).  I wanted to let you know what you can be expecting from me.

I will attempt to blog as much as possible, but I will not let it detract from my experience.  If I have to choose between writing a blog post or having a new experience/meeting someone new, I’m going to choose the experience every time.  That being said, I’m sure there will be opportunities to blog.  I fully intend on blogging about each of the workshops I attend and each of the keynotes, though some of these posts may come after the fact.

Here is a quick rundown of what workshops I am scheduled to attend.


How to: Plan a Ministry Calendar with Kenny Conley

How to: Design Great Signage with Kenny Conley

How to: Create Large Group Environments on a Budget with Chad and Autumn Ward

How to: Set Boundaries with Tom Shefchunas

How to: Go Orange in a Small Church with Jeffrey Reed


Creativity, Living Sideways with Jared Herd

Aligning Your Children’s and Student Departments with Jim Wideman


Can I Have Your Attention…Please? with Stuart Hall

Helping Parents Catch the Vision with Sue Miller