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I've been oddly excited about my name tag.

Yesterday, I arrived in Georgia for the 2011 Orange Conference.  This thing is off the hook.  Starting later today, I will be posting as much as I possibly can.  I really want you to get a feel for this conference, even if you are not here.

Here are a few of my first impressions.

The Gwinnett Arena looked like a bee hive tonight.  There were so many people working so hard to get things ready for early registration tonight and the pre-conference tomorrow.  I know a lot of those people won’t get a lot of recognition, but they are the unsung heroes of this event.  It’s because of them that the conference has the “wow factor.”  Thanks guys and gals for all of your hard work!

The first person I met was Kenny Conley.  Kenny has been a huge encouragement to me in the last year and it was so great to finally meet him.  He helped me win an iPad 2 recently.  He is even more personable in person than he is online.  I can’t wait to have more conversations with him this week.

As one of the Orange Bloggers, I also have had the opportunity to meet and be served by Matt McKee.  As a representative of Orange, he is fully servant minded and has treated me excellent since I arrived.  Matt’s blog relaunched today and I’m excited to start reading his stuff again.

Getting stuff ready for tomorrow

I also got to have a great conversation with Amy Fenton Lee.  We just talked ministry in general and she is super friendly.  It is so crazy to hear her heart and passion and then find out she is volunteer in her church.  She could easily make a living doing what she does.

The rest of the evening was a whirlwind of meeting new people and some good conversations.  I honestly felt completely unworthy to be walking backstage the convention center with these people and the other bloggers.  My God is so great and I feel honored that He has created this great opportunity.  I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week holds.

Stay tuned for more from Orange.  If there is anything specific you are wanting to hear, let me know in the comments.