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These are my notes from the 2nd main session of the 2011 Orange Conference.  The presenter was Jeff Manion.  The topic of the message was The Land Between.

Exodus 3:7. God has seen, heard, and is concerned.

God did not tel the Israelites about the land between.

While God will rescue you in the desert, he may not also rescue you from the desert.

The land between is fertile ground for transformational growth. It is also where faith goes to die.

Crisis #1 The thirsty Israelites finally found water, but it was bitter. So they grumbled.

Crisis #2 There is a food shortage

Crisis #3 No water again.

The primary intention of Creator God was to force these people into a people of trust in the desert.

The people of God need to learn to trust God. This is hammered out in the land between.

God is transforming the Israelites from a people of slavery to the people of God. He wanted it for them and he wants it for us.

My children do not belong to me. Those were checks I wrote and signed at their baby dedication and 18 years later, God is cashing them.

We are not raising children, we are raising adults. <= This was one of my favorite quotes of the week.

The saying is time all heals all wounds. Time does not heal some people.

There are choices made in the land between that determine the people we are becoming.

When you pass through the land between, your response determines who you will be in your future.

When you pass through the land between, your heart is in danger.

Complaint and trust are incompatible roommates – one always pushed the other out.

Good movement inevitably pushes out bad movement.

I do not want to have a bitter spirit ten years from now because of this season. I want to emerge as a person of grace and joy.