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Last year, my wife got me a subscription to K! Magazine for my birthday.  It was something I had been wanting for a while, but hadn’t worked into the budget.  She had apparently heard me talk about it and so she signed me up to receive my six issues over the course of the year.  She’s cool like that.  My favorite issue so far had Phil Vischer on the cover surrounded by the What’s In The Bible puppets. 

K! Magazine is a kids’ ministry magazine produced by Kidz Matter.  It is an excellent resource for those serving in kidmin.  Each issue includes insightful articles from a variety of kidmin professionals and contains everything from product reviews to interesting quotes to top ten lists to stuff that would challenge even the most seasoned kidmin veteran. 

Normally, a one year subscription (6 issues) only costs $19.95.  That’s a pretty good deal especially when you see all that the magazine contains.  This month, they are giving away a copy of their July/August issue as a digital copy for free.  Just click here to get your free issue of K! Magazine.  Personally, I love the idea of the magazine going digital and I hope that this trial version is a sign of things to come.

At the end of the magazine is a two question survey.  Please take two seconds to fill it out.  Seriously, it’s multiple choice.