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A little over a week ago, I wrote that Kidzmatter was giving away an electronic edition of K! Magazine.  I did not know it at the time, but I learned last week that this was part of a much larger plan to take the entire magazine into a digital format.

Today, they’ve made the official announcement that, with every print subscription of the magazine, you will also receive a digital subscrption (click here to view a sample of what it will look like).  This is a huge advancement for the magazine.  One of the biggest hassles for me in regards to reading a magazine is that, unless I carry the thing everywhere I go, I can only read it when I have free time at home.  The new e-version of K! will be available on any mobile device or computer using the web browser.

Here’s the official announcement.

K! Magazine has the biggest kidmin announcement of the summer: we’re the first mag for kidmin to go digital. Now, when you subscribe to K! Mag, you not only get 6 great magazine issues in your mailbox, but you also get access to a completely immersive digital K! Mag reading experience. All for the same price of just $19.95 a year. The best magazine for kidmin just got better. Learn more at

The cost of a one year subscription is only $19.95.  This now includes the print copy and the digital copy.  That is a tremendous value and one that would be hard to beat…unless you have connections.  In honor of today’s announcement, I have been given five one-year subscriptions of K! to give away to my readers.  I cannot believe their generosity and I’m so excited that five of you will get to experience K! for free for a full year. 

All you need to do to be entered in the drawing is leave a comment below telling me one creative thing you have done to take your kids’ ministry to the next level.  This could be something as simple as having everyone sit on the floor instead of chairs or sending the bible verse as a text message or anything!

For an extra entry in the drawing, tweet the following “Win a one-year subscription of K! Magazine via @pastorjaredm & @kidzmatter #kidmin #cmconnect #thinkorange” 

*Note, the tweet is an EXTRA chance, but you still must leave a comment to win.  I will take the first five names from a randomly generated list using  Please comment and tweet before midnight on Sunday, July 10.  I will announce the winners on Monday.

Winners:  The top five names in this list have won a one year subscription.  I will be contacting you via email to get the shipping information.  Make sure you show your appreciation to Ryan Frank and Kidzmatter for providing these.