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life plan ebookMichael Hyatt is no stranger to productivity and living a successful life.  He just recently resigned his position as the CEO of Thomas Nelson publishers and runs a very successful blog where he writes about productivity, social media, blogging, and life in general.  Michael is also a Christian with a commitment to his faith first, his family, and then his career.

He recently published an e-book called Creating Your Personal Life Plan that specifically looks at his process for staying intentional about how he lives his life.  I’ve read it through three or four times now and have actually created my own life plan.  Sure, I haven’t followed it to the letter, but it certainly has changed the way I am living my life. The book was so good, I dedicated four weeks of our young adult Sunday School class and had a workshop where I provided the resources and people worked on their life plans.  Some of them also said that it was helping them be more intentional about how they arrange their priorities.  [I did ask for permission to use this book in this setting.]

The best part about Michael’s new e-book is that it is free to download and includes all of the worksheets you will need to successfully create your life plan.  All you need to do to download it is sign up for his email list.  You can receive his posts daily or as a weekly digest.

This book has the potential to radically transform how you live your life.  If done correctly, it will impact your family, your personal life (spiritually and physically), and the way you lead your ministry.