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Anymore, it seems like there is no shortage of conferences available for children’s ministry.  But there is only one that is specifically directed towards volunteers and that is the Illuminate conference.  Today, they announced that in addition to the upcoming conference in Austin and the Birmingham conference last week, they will also be stopping in Nashville.  Here is what Kenny Conley, the founder of Illuminate, has to say about it.

With two Illuminate Conferences under my belt, one thing is sure… Illuminate is like no other conference. At both Austin (2010) and Birmingham (2011) I heard the same thing over and over.





That’s what kidmin volunteers from Texas, Alabama and Georgia all had to say about their Illuminate experience. So, the only logical thing to do is more events, right? That’s what I thought too.

On Saturday, February 18th, 2012… Illuminate comes to the great city of Nashville, TN! Details are still coming together (like speakers and breakouts) but we do have a handful of great communicators already lined up.

  • Jim Wideman (General Sessions and Leader Q & A)
  • Jonathan Cliff
  • Amy Fenton Lee
  • I’ll be there too… plus a few others
So, if you live within a 2-4 hour radius of Nashville, TN, make plans to attend the only event bringing some of the most influential voices in kidmin to the local arena to equip volunteers. It’s one of the best investments you could make in your volunteer team. At the early bird price, you can afford to bring them all.
If I lived anywhere near Nashville (or Birmingham or Austin), this is one conference I would be attending and bringing every kidmin leader I could find.  For more information on this great opportunity, check out  You can also follow them on twitter: @illumin8conf.