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Meeting Phil Vischer.  Someone may call me out on this one and remind me that Phil wasn’t at the Orange Conference in 2011.  They would be absolutely right.  However, it was because of an experience at Orange ’11 that I did end up meeting him (and thus fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams).

While at a meet and greet sponsored by Minister Search, I was introduced to two of the ladies that help write the curriculum for What’s in the Bible, Phil’s newest project.  I’m a huge fan of What’s in the Bible and I’ve written about it before.  The supplemental curriculum is an excellent resource that works alongside the videos to really help kids grasp God’s Word.  During our conversation, one of them mentioned that Phil would be speaking in his home town of Muscatine, Iowa a few weeks after Orange ’11.  This was exciting for me, because I live only about two hours from Muscatine.  I told my wife about him being so close and she got us both tickets and made all the arrangements for us to go see him.

Not only did I get to hear him tell his story, I also got to talk with him (a little) and he signed my book!  After the event, which was really a small gathering for support of the local Salvation Army, I asked Phil if he would like to go out for coffee.  He said no. 🙁  Actually, he told me that he was heading home so he didn’t miss his daughter’s volleyball game the next day, but that he would have loved to get coffee.

At Orange, you really never know who you are going to meet and what those connections will lead to.  Remember, registration for this event starts Thursday, September 22 but check back here later this week to see how you can get a free ticket.

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