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My mom talks a lot about how much I used to love orange juice.  Apparently, I drank the stuff all the time growing up.  I figure she is right, because the other morning I bought a half-gallon with my breakfast and I drank the whole thing.  You know something else I love that’s orange?  My church.  We think orange.  By that I mean we combine the influences of the home (represented by the color red) and the family (represented by the color yellow) to increase our impact in our world. 

One of the most impactful experiences and strategy enhancing things that I have done as a pastor in an “orange church” is to attend the Orange Conference.  Registration for Orange 2012 opens on Thursday, September 22, so for this week I will be listing my “Top Ten Things I Loved About Orange 2011.”

#10 My Orange Tumbler.
#9 Meeting Phil Vischer
#8 Bringing My Senior Pastor
#7 Exposure to New Resources
#6 The Inspirational Theme
#5 The People
#4 It Energized Me
#3 Practical Solutions
#2 It Changed Me
#1 Lanny Donoho

Now if that list doesn’t get you geared up and excited about heading to Orange ’12, maybe this will.  On Friday, September 23, I will be giving away one free ticket to Orange.  That’s right.  Someone will get to go to the conference for free.

You’ll want to check back later this week to learn how you can win this great prize.  For now, you might want to follow me on twitter and/or subscribe to this blog by RSS or email (top right of the page). 

Disclaimer: The free Orange ticket is provided by Orange and does not include travel or accomodations.

Orange is a financial partner of Small Town Kidmin.