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Exposure to New Resources.  I’m kind of particular about what resources I will actually use, but I love being exposed to all kinds of different things.  I may have no use for it or even like it, but I still want to know it exists and how it could be used.  One of the things I really enjoyed about the Orange Conference was the exposure to new resources.

There is an exhibit hall with all kinds resources and ministries, many of which I was not aware of.  I didn’t spend as much time there as some people do, but I did browse around and take a look at what was out there.

However, the best place to find out what works and what doesn’t at Orange Conference is not the exhibit hall, it’s the people.  Through various conversations with children’s pastors and student pastors from different denominations and church sizes, I learned what stuff was actually working (and what wasn’t).  It was not uncommon in a conversation to hear, “Have you ever used ______” in relationship to a resource.  There were certain areas I was especially looking for new ideas and, because I asked people what they were using to meet those needs, I came home with answers.

Speaking of resources, on the left side of the Orange Conference site is a link to freebies.  There is some seriously good stuff there, so hope over to the Orange Conference site and take a look!

Registration for the Orange conference opens Thursday, September 22.  Also, check back here Thursday for details on how to win a free ticket to Orange 2012.

This post is part of Think Orange Week 2012

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