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Bringing My Senior Pastor. I’ve never come right out and said this, but I guess I’m ready to let the cat out of the bag. I love my senior pastor. Seriously, he is like a father to me. This is a good thing, because he actually is my father. Trust me, working for your father as your senior pastor has its share of challenges and it wasn’t something I entered into quickly. But getting the opportunity to experience the Orange Conference together was absolutely transformational.

We decided to drive the twelve hours it takes to get to Atlanta.  This meant that in addition to the time spent at the conference, we had twenty-four unstructured hours just for talking.  On the way home, we had all kinds of stuff that we talked about that we had learned while at Orange.

For me, this experience was especially important in getting us speaking the same language when it comes to thinking orange.  I have shared a lot of it with him over the years and he has thought orange for years without knowing what to call it.  But this brought us to the same place, hearing from and talking to the same people, and really got us saying the same things.  It was absolutely transformational in the way we lead our church.  Plus, I learned a lot about him during that week and really got to get behind his vision for our church.

If you are planning on heading to Orange Conference 2012, you really should look into bringing your senior pastor, youth pastor, or another staff member.  The conversations it creates are well worth it.  And having the same frame of reference for your conversations about thinking orange is priceless.  Registration for Orange Conference 2012 starts this Thursday, September 22.  On that day you will get the very best rate and also some goodies.  Check back here later this week to see how you can get a free ticket to Orange ’12.

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Disclaimer: The free Orange ticket is provided by Orange and does not include travel or accommodations.

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