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Bunny Man at Orange ConferenceThe People.  There is something that is so refreshing about meeting with people who share a similar mindset of ministry with you.  Orange Conference is full of those kinds of people.  Sure, the “hows” of doing ministry span a large range.  This is to be expected when you have members from a variety of staff positions, denominations, church sizes, and regional areas, but the “whys” are pretty much the same.  Most people go to the Orange Conference because they are from a church that thinks orange or they are from a church who wants to think orange.

While at Orange, I conversed with people who were new to their positions and people like Sam Luce who has been at his church since right after Jesus ascended into heaven (maybe Sam isn’t that old, but he has been at his church for longer than most staff pastors).  I met with people who were thrilled with their current situation and people who couldn’t wait to get out and were actually doing job interviews at Orange.  I met people from the local church and people from para-church organizations.  I even made a great connection with the Director of Children’s Ministries in my fellowship.  I got together with some friends I hadn’t seen since college, met some people whom I had only talked with online, and made some new friends.  I met everyone from my list and then some.  I even met a guy who wore a bunny suit all week.  Needless to say, one of the most important things about Orange is the variety of connections you make and the conversations you have.

There is a huge variety of conferences available for children’s ministry and each of them have their own strengths.  What’s nice about Orange Conference is it isn’t a children’s ministry conference or a student ministry conference.  I had some great conversations with people and didn’t find out they were student pastors until the end of the conversation.  It’s about partnering with the family across all spectrums of ministry and the people who attend Orange Conference get that.

If you’d like to meet some great people who think orange, consider registering for the Orange Conference 2012.  The best rates are tomorrow, September 22 and there are extra goodies for registering on opening day.

Also, check back here tomorrow for details on how to win a free ticket to Orange Conference 2012!

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