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The Inspirational Theme.  The thing about the theme at the Orange Conference was that it was coherent through all elements of the conference.  From the moment you registered and were encouraged to “bust a move” on camera to the motorized toilet during one of the main sessions, the whole conference was about “It’s Your Move.”  It was interwoven into each of the keynote addresses and played a part in many of the breakouts as well.

Here I am, five months after the conference, and every now and then I still hear those words whispered in my ear.  Any time I start to become overly cautious or slow to move in an area I am confident God has called me to do something, I hear the words, “It’s your move” and it inspires me to do just that.

For the 2012 Orange Conference, the theme is “Game Changers.”  The folks at Orange have definitely been game changers in the way churches approach ministry.

If you want to learn about being a game changer from people like Reggie Joiner, Andy Stanley, Jon Acuff, Craig Groeschel, David Kinnaman, and others, you don’t want to miss opening day registration for the 2012 Orange Conference.  The best rates are tomorrow, September 22 and there are extra goodies for registering on opening day.

Also, check back here tomorrow for details on how to win a free ticket to Orange Conference 2012!

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