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Practical Solutions.  One thing about me is that I am a practical person.  I can philosophize with the best of them, but I seldom choose to do that, simply because it doesn’t really help anybody.  I’m about being practical and helping people understand what I’m trying to say.  While there is a fair amount of “the philosophy of thinking orange” at the Orange Conference, there is also a pretty good amount of practical stuff.

For example, many of the workshops, especially in pre-conference, were how-to.  One of my favorites was, How to Plan a Ministry Calendar.  I also really learned a lot in How to Design Great Signage.  I have implemented a lot of those strategies directly into how we do things.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought to myself, “If you are even thinking about using a handwritten sign, STOP IT.”

When I got home from the Orange Conference, I had a list of stuff to start, change, or stop.  It was a hands-on, practical list with manageable action lists.  I knew what I needed to do and I was able to start right away.  Some of that is the advantage of working at a church without a lot of staff.

If you are needing some practical solutions to help your church grow orange, you really should hop over and register today for the Orange Conference.  Registration opened this morning and you will get the best rate for registering on opening day.

If the cost is still an inhibiting factor, you should see how you can win a free ticket compliments of Small Town Kidmin and Orange.

This post is part of Think Orange Week 2012.

Disclaimer: The free Orange ticket is provided by Orange and does not include travel or accommodations.

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