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Last week, Tony Kummer, the creator of, released the annual list of the top 100 Kidmin Blogs.  Unlike the March Blog Madness, this list is not based on votes but is based on some hard data.  Last year, my fairly new blog found its place at number 97 and I was very honored.

In the course of this last year, you guys have inspired and encouraged me to blog more and blog better.  You, as a reader, have helped me tremendously.  I’m happy to say that Small Town Kidmin moved up to number 30 in the list!  This is a huge accomplishment and it is because of you.  Nearly all of the stats considered have to do with traffic and participation of you as the reader.

I want to say how much I appreciate those of you who read on a regular basis and even subscribe so you don’t miss a post.  I appreciate those of you who just stop by occasionally.  I appreciate those who stumbled here through a Google search and stayed long enough to read something.  I appreciate your comments.  I appreciate that there are many of you who also follow me on Twitter, as if I can truly say anything of value in 140 characters or less.

The simple truth of the matter is that this blog has always been and will continue to be about you.  The mission that I started with was to equip and resource the small church and small town children’s leader.  That is the mission today and that is the mission that will carry this blog in future years.  If it ever stops being dedicated to resourcing and equipping you, I hope that it dies.