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I know there are a number of forums out there with great discussions happening, but it seems like it is mostly the same people participating in the discussion.  I’m hoping to get the conversation going on here by asking an open-ended question. The goal is to get the conversation started.  What happens from there is up to you.  I know people don’t comment much on blogs, but I encourage you to leave a response and participate.  Just the process of typing your answer may be beneficial to you.  Please feel free to remain anonymous and use a pseudonym in the name line.

Here’s this month’s question.

Does your church do any sort of outreach or event tied to Halloween?

For added discussion: Do you use an alternate name for your event (Harvest party, Hallelujah, etc.)?  How is the alternate name received by the community?  What does your event look like?  Do you believe churches SHOULD NOT participate in Halloween at all?  Why not?

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