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How do you get kids to read the Bible?  One of the easiest, and most productive, ways is to bring the Bible to life for them.  They want to feel a connection to the characters and feel a part of the story.  They want to visual Moses parting the Red Sea and David slaying Goliath.  One of the more popular genres of literature among today’s young people is the graphic novel.  The Almighty Bible combines this literary form with the already exciting stories of the Bible to create a version of the Bible kids, especially boys, will really want to read.

I was recently given a copy of two of the new books produced by The Almighty Bible.  I have had a nice chance to flip through and read the books of 2 Samuel and Acts.

What I liked:

The images in this book are astounding.  They are not cheesy like so many artistic representations of the Bible.  The artwork is gritty and realistic and everything you would expect from a graphic novel.  Take the words “Almighty Bible” off the cover and kids might not even realize what it is.

The stories are Biblically accurate.  Too many times we change things about Bible stories in an attempt to make them more appealing to kids.  The Almighty Bible understands just how good the Gospel is and prefers not to change it.

It includes the text beneath the pictures.  Actual Biblical text is included beneath the corresponding pictures.

This is great for boys.  Boys will love this type of Bible and I think I will enjoy reading them with my son someday.  Even as an adult boy, I really enjoyed reading them.

What I didn’t care for:

Since they’ve chosen to include so much content, each book of the Bible is a separate book.  While fun and good, it makes owning this entire version of the Bible an expensive venture.

These books may not have the appeal for girls that it does for boys.  This isn’t a bad thing in itself, but something of note.

Final Thoughts:

These books would be an excellent addition to any children’s pastors library and a great recommendation for parents to purchase.  I can especially see this as something in the library of a Christian school or home school as it creates an optional way to read the Bible but also serves as entertaining reading.

There are a number of other resources produced by The Almighty Bible that should be noted.  They have an online club which would be a great place for a kid who enjoys playing digital games.  Included in the online club are fictional, Biblical stories and collectible trading cards.  There is an iPad app available for reading the books in a digital format.  As a leader, you can also purchase the graphics to use in your lessons and such.  This is a great place to get some modern, quality, Bible images for a reasonable price.

My friend Kenny wrote a great review of the books after they first came out.  It is definitely worth a read.  He also reviewed the online Club and the app.

Go here to see how you can win a copy of 2 Samuel from The Almighty Bible and Small Town Kidmin.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of 2 Samuel and Acts for the purpose of this review.  However, I have presented my honest and objective review of these resources.