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I’d like to take a brief moment to tell you about some attendance software that you may find useful in your ministries.  Best Attendance is an internet based registration/attendance software.  It looks to be easy to use and to customize to meet you needs.

Best Attendance software has some great features that could really enhance your ministry.  The first of these is the built-in text messaging option.  You can send 300 text messages per month to your registration list.  Text messaging in today’s culture is a far superior method of communication than email, but you can send emails straight from the software as well.

Another really cool feature is the bar code functionality.  You can use bar codes on registration cards and scan them directly into the system.  I can see this not only be a time saver, but an added security measure as well.

A third feature that would be useful is the group function.  Since you can sort into unlimited groups on either plan, you can use this software for multiple ministries.  It could also be used as a volunteer management tool in addition to attendance software.

There are two pricing structures, the smaller of which includes only ten members and the larger one has unlimited.  Honestly, I can’t imagine attendance software would be necessary for any organization with less than ten members.  However, if using this across multiple programs/ministries, I could see where the unlimited plan would be a good option.

You are allowed to test drive the software for fourteen days without even offering up a credit card number.  It is completely free of obligation and worth taking a look at.  The cost after fourteen days is pretty reasonable, especially as your church grows.

Have you used Best Attendance for your ministries?  What am I missing?  What’s great about it?  What is it lacking?  Share your thoughts below.