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A few years ago, it was time for me to purchase new contacts.  I was disgusted by the cost of just six months worth and decided that glasses would most likely be cheaper in the long run, since I wouldn’t have to continually purchase new ones.  However, it turns out that eyeglasses are also very expensive these days.  Fortunately, I had discovered a site that claimed to sell cheap eyeglasses.  I browsed the site, purchased two pairs of glasses using my prescription from the eye doctor, and had the glasses shipped to my home.  The total cost for this was $25.  The glasses arrived in hard plastic cases and each came with a soft cloth to keep the lenses clean.  I’ve rotated between the glasses for almost two years now and they are still in very good shape.

The website where I purchased these is  They do not sell any name brand glasses but manufacture everything in-house (and overseas).  Not all their glasses are as cheap as the ones I purchased and you can choose optional enhancements to the lenses which also adds to the cost, but the basic lens was a great solution for me.

What do cheap eyeglasses have to do with kidmin?  A lot, actually.  Besides needing to see and not wasting money on designer frames, there are a number of applications I can think of and some I’m probably not thinking of.

Glasses for props.  Need new glasses for a costume character or for a skit or for a prop?  Here is a great place to get them very cheap.  You can choose to get the lenses with no prescription so these would be perfect.  OR, if you have trouble doing costume characters because you wear glasses and can’t see a thing without them (like me), get special character glasses with your personal prescription.  Winning.

Glasses for outreach.  I haven’t yet been able to figure out the details of how this would work, but I think it would be awesome.  If you could get an eye doctor to donate his or her time to help get people’s prescriptions, you could then purchase glasses for them on the spot without too big of an investment.  Have the glasses shipped to the church and have a pick up day for people.  That means you get a second contact chance with them and save money on shipping.  Maybe you could partner with a school to do something similar.

Glasses for missions.  Utilizing a similar idea to above, you could partner with a field missionary to purchase cheap eyeglasses for folks overseas.

So, there are three applications I can think of for cheap eyeglasses in children’s ministry.  What am I missing?  How would you use cheap eyeglasses in your ministry?  Let me know in the comments.