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Since I won’t be at Orange Conference this year, I thought I’d do what I could to help those of you like me.  The first step in this process is to create a new page called “Orange Conference 2012.”  This page currently houses the Twitter stream for all things Orange Conference.  This is especially nice if you are not on Twitter but want to follow the action.  I also plan to link to various blog posts about the event. 

Assuming I can figure out how, I’ll try linking to those blog posts within the Orange Conference 2012 page, directly underneath the Twitter stream.  If that fails, I’ll just post the links in a few blogs posts throughout the week.

If you are actually at the Orange Conference, make sure you are sharing your tweets and notes online with the rest of us.  I’d love it if some of you would send me your pictures and/or notes to share on this blog.  Let me know if you’re interested.  Better yet, is anyone interested in guest posting from Atlanta on your experiences and learnings?