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Holy smokes! The bloggers were on fire this year, producing massive amounts of content to sift through and read.  Below, I’ve attempted to work through each bloggers content compiling a list of each of their posts.  I edited out posts that specifically dealt with things that were only relevant if you were at Orange Conference.  Mostly what you will find below is a collection of notes from various workshops and main sessions, as well as some reflective posts on how these bloggers are implementing what they’re learning.  If you really just want sound bite versions, maybe try out the Slices of Orange Conference post which is my collection of “best of” tweets.

Student Ministry

Ben Kerns –

Do You Have a Scope and Cycle to Your Curriculum 
Experiencing Orange Through Fresh Eyes

Ben Read –

OC12: How to Create A Strong Volunteer Culture
OC12: The State of Play in Adolescence
How To: Communicate to Middle School Students
How to Have Difficult Conversations with Staff and Volunteers
OC12: Creating and Developing Motivated Volunteers
OC12: Exponential Change
OC12: How To Connect with Parents of Students
#OC12 – Lets talk about Numbers in Youth Ministry
Orange Conference 2012 :: Take Aways and Lessons Learned

Tom Pounder –

OC12: Intentionally Connect to Your Community Through Sports
OC12: How to Prioritize Social Media in Your Ministry
OC12: How to Creatively Tell Stories to Preschoolers
OC12: Wednesday Night General Session Notes
OC12: Thursday Morning General Session Notes
OC12: Leading an Inclusion Initiative
OC12: Navigating the 5th/6th Grade Transition
OC12: Friday 1st Session Notes Featuring Andy Stanley
OC12: Friday 2nd Session Notes
OC12: Friday 3rd Session Notes
Monday Morning Debrief: Orange ’12 Recap

Tom Shefchunas –

How To Plan A Student Ministry Retreat
Andy Stanley
Understand The Middle School Mind

JC Thompson – – Preteen

My 2012 Orange Conference Breakout
Orange Conference Musings… Main Session 1
Orange Conference 2012 Musings… Day 2
Orange Conference 2012 Day 3 Musings

Michael Bayne –

Understanding the middle school mind #OC12
Get and Keep Alignment #OC12
#Fammin events for churches who are in portable environments #OC12 <– READ THIS
Get Messy #OC12
What kind of kids are we raising? #OC12
Making Exponential Change #OC12
The heart of a healthy staff culture #OC12
Is Bigger Better #OC12
The week after a conference…make a plan!

Terrace Crawford –

#OC12 Notes: Craig Groeschel
#OC12 Notes: Andy Stanley
#OC12 Notes: Kara Powell
#OC12 Notes: Doug Fields

Children’s Ministry

Amy Dolan –

honor roll {orange conference}
personal reflection {orange conference}
curated list {orange conference}
honor roll 2 {orange conference}
personal reflections 2 {orange conference}

Cass Brannon –

HOW TO: Lead Worship for Preschoolers…GIVING
HOW TO: Lead Worship for Preschoolers…PRAYER
HOW TO: Lead Worship for Preschoolers…BIBLE STORY
HOW TO: Lead Worship for Preschoolers…MUSIC
HOW TO: Lead Worship for Preschoolers
Opening Day at #OC12

Henry Zonio –

Orange 12: My GameChanging Story
‘Tis the Season to Be Orange!
Orange 12: Andy Stanley
Orange 12: Jon Acuff
Orange 12: 5th and 6th Grade Transitions <–READ THIS

Jonathan Cliff –

Orange: The Messy Gospel
Single Minded, Christ Centered, Biblically Anchored, World Changing Children
Orange Session: Andy Stanley

Kenny Conley –

Creating a healthy staff culture
I’m not so comfortable with the mess
Don’t raise well rounded, well educated and happy kids

Matt McKee –

Orange Conference 2012: Matt McKee Session Recaps and Slide Prezi’s
Orange Conference 2012: Great Quotes <– READ THIS

Matt Norman –

#OC12 How To: Staff For Growth
How to: Identify the Five Catalysts of Spiritual Growth
#OC12 Main Session 2
#OC12 Creatively Connecting with the Community
Prioritizing Small Groups at Every Stage of Life
Zombies Take Over #OC12
Nehemiah and Kidmin. Lessons Learned from Orange 2012 — By: Barbara Graves
Defining Moment: #OC12 Intro
Defining Moment: #OC12 – The People

Jenny Funderburke –

Orange 2012 Has Begun!!
Orange General Session 2: Craig Groeschel
Orange 2012 Breakout: Worship Basics for Preschoolers and Children
Orange 2012 Breakout: Prioritizing Small Groups
Orange Breakout: Leading Family Ministry in Multiple Locations
Orange General Session 3: Andy Stanley

Joe McAlpine –

ORANGE: Tech for Special Needs
Notes Shared Via Evernote

Nick Blevins –

Orange Conference: Session 1 Notes #oc12
Orange Conference: Session 2 Notes #oc12
Orange Conference Workshop: Managing Multiple Ministries
Orange Conference Workshop: XP3 College Unpacked #oc12
Orange Conference Workshop: Structuring Your Ministry for Growth #oc12
Orange 12: 5th and 6th Grade Transitions
Orange Conference: Session 4 Notes #oc12
Orange Conference: Session 5 Notes #oc12
My Orange Conference Debrief #oc12 #thinkorange

Wendy Douglas –

Opening Orange
More Orange Please
Orange in Pictures
A Slice of Orange
Another Slice of Orange
Yet Another Slice of Orange <– READ THIS

Special Needs

Amy Fenton Lee –

From Orange: Special Needs Champion Spotlight – Denise Briley
From Orange: Multi Sensory Environments for Children’s Ministry Settings #OC12
From Orange: Special Needs Spotlight – Lea Keating (Parent Perspective) #OC12
From Orange – Pictures & Notes from Thursday’s Special Needs Track #OC12
From Orange: Special Needs Ministry Champion Spotlight – Kristy Moser #OC12
From Orange: Special Needs Ministry Champion – Madeline Rowell #OC12
Special Needs Champion Denise Briley Wins Orange Award at #OC12
Video & Pictures from Orange #OC12

Tonya Langdon –

Where Oh Where Are The Volunteers?
Navigating a New Church

Shannon Royce –

Dealing with Difficult People…
Finding the balance
Orange – Not just a color anymore
Lessons from Orange: Teaching a Child with Autism in a Small Group Setting


Dustin Valencia –

OC12: Embrace Diversity
OC12: Thursday Tweets Rundown
From Orange: Special Needs Ministry Champion – Madeline Rowell #OC12
OC12: Friday Tweets Rundown

Paul Mannino –

Intentional Fatherhood (Even from Afar)
Lost Bearings (#oc12)
Creating a Volunteer Culture @KFleming #OC12
Planning a Student Ministry Retreat @CoachShef #oc12
#OC12 Opening Session in Pictures
This Guy… (#oc12) <– READ THIS
Not All Who Wander Are Lost #oc12
Branding Your Organization, @MattMcKee #OC12


All of Brother Jim Wideman’s breakout notes (shared via Twitter) <–DOWNLOAD THIS TODAY

Dan Scott shares his notes and Prezi file from Orange | Fifth and Sixth Grade Transitions

Dan Scott also shared his notes and Prezi from Orange | Building an FX from the Ground Up

Andy Hayball shares his notes from Session 4 of OC12

Aaron Jack Bauer shares about his 5 year journey of Thinking Orange.

Neil shares his favorite quotes from Orange Conference 2012.

Pastor Earl’s Musings —

#Orange Notes: Bonus Break-Out – #OC12
#Orange Keynote Session 1 – #OC12
#Orange Keynote Session 2 Interview – #OC12
#Orange Keynote Session 2 – #OC12
#Orange Breakout Session D – #OC12
#Orange Breakout A – #OC12
#Orange Keynote Session 3 – #OC12
#Orange Keynote Session 4 – #OC12
#Orange Keynote Session 3 Interview – #OC12
#Orange Keynote Session 5 – #OC12