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Tonight is the first night of our annual Kids’ Adventure.  Woohoo!  I’m so excited that I barely slept last night.  I think we’re completely ready to go tonight.  I would love so bad to be at the church today tweaking and fixing, praying, thinking, resting, etc.  Plus, there are some things for the next two nights that aren’t quite ready.  Unfortunately, I’m at work.

Here I sit at my day job, anxiously awaiting the chance to go do what I was made to do.  Nothing energizes me the way ministry does.  Today, I’m Clark Kent behind a desk at a job I’ve chosen to fall in like with.  But tonight, tonight I get to soar among the clouds of ministry (though I’ve heeded Edna’s advice and have forgone the cape).

I can assure you, as soon as that clock hits 5:00, the tie and dress shirt will be removed, albeit probably a little less dramatically than Superman would do it.  I’ll scoot my way over to the church, frantically look over the details of the night, make sure everyone is in place to make the night a success, drink half a bottle of pepto bismol, and [hopefully] knock one out of the park.

I truly cannot wait for tonight.

What are you waiting for?  What exciting things are you anticipating God to do in your life and ministry in the near future?