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In middle school I signed up for track and field.  I was a sprinter and my main event was the 100 meter dash.  I’d line up on the starting block, burst out of the shoot full of life and energy, give everything I had until the finish line, and then promptly collapse completely exhausted.  Needless to say, I wasn’t very good.

I’ve had some friends in my years who were distance runners.  I’ve had friends who loved to run.  I think those people are crazy, just plumb off their rocker crazy.  I think running is about as much fun as plucking my nose hairs.  Given the choice between the two, I’d take nose hair pulling.  I’m just not a runner.

I have a friend who is running a marathon in July.  He is running it to raise money for a special missions project and has set a ridiculous goal of $25,000.  I’d really like to encourage you to consider donating to his cause.  You can read more about the missions project and donate by visiting his site

Why the crazy url?  Because if you donate, he will put your Twitter or Facebook profile picture on his running jersey.  It’s his way of taking you with him on race day.

And when you visit his site, check out where he’s running.  Alaska!  Sounds cold to me and if there’s one thing I hate more than running, it’s being cold.  Rather than running with him, I think I’ll just send my picture on his jersey by donating.  Yeah, that will work.  I’ll be praying for him too, mostly that God will stop the craziness.

Would you consider getting a little crazy with me and donating to Mark’s marathon run?  He’s trying to raise the money by July 1st, so we’ve only got a couple weeks left to get him to his goal.