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Kidzmatter, the producers of K! Magazine, the Kitchen curriculum, High Power Sports, and other great resources has just launched a brand new website to house all of their resources (and there are a lot of resources).  I’m excited about the new site.  It’s definitely much better looking and easier to navigate.  But there is also new, free content that wasn’t there before.

Some of the free offerings now available include sample K! Mag articles.  These are articles from the most recent issue that are available online without a subscription.  While I still think at only $24.95 a year the magazine is worth buying, free stuff is always nice.

The new site also has an area with free game and lesson ideas.  In the new Kommunity, there are a ton of ideas for lessons and games.  Planning games is my least favorite part of children’s ministry (and student ministry), so this is a breath of fresh air.  Many of the ones I’ve checked out sound fun and seem easy enough to pull off.

And here’s another freebie, 50 Camp Games is a free download this month.  Get it while you still can.

If you’re needing some inspiration or some resources, check out the all-new