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I’m pleased to share with you the all new Small Town Kidmin (dotcom).  This project has been in my head for quite a while, but I needed the right platform and some design help to make it a reality.  All factors are now in place to bring you the new Small Town Kidmin.  It actually launched a couple of weeks back, but I’ve been having severe server issues that have crippled the site on a couple of occasions and I waited to post anything for fear of losing it.  I believe that everything has been fixed now.  (If you care, the server that hosts my site data crashed and needed all new hardware.  Then, two days later, the server that host my databases crashed and needed new hardware.)


A new theme.  For a while I have wanted to make the jump to Standard Theme.  Standard Theme is an excellent coded theme that will not only help me reach more people, it helps make my site look pretty.  If you are considering starting a blog or getting a new theme, I recommend you check out Standard.  They just released Standard Theme 3 which is the best version of the theme so far and gives me more control over the stuff I care about.

A new design.  Since Standard Theme is more of a starting point, getting the site where I wanted it needed some help.  I needed someone with serious coding ability to make it a reality.  I had the idea that I want this site to reflect that these are my notes as I share about my experiences serving in kidmin in a small church.  I partnered with Brooklyn Creative Design and Keith came up with this whole theme design.  I LOVE IT!  Keith took my original idea and made it something fantastic.  His attention to detail was exceptional.  If you are looking for any type of design work (website, logo, blog, etc.), you definitely want to check out Brooklyn Creative Design.

Same mission. The mission of this blog since day one has been equipping and resourcing the small town or small church kidmin leader.  That hasn’t changed, but some of the methods used will change over time.  As I’ve seen some minor success through this blog, I have begun to look at it less as just a blog and more as a ministry.  I’ve introduced a resource store and will continue to expand the offerings there.  I’ve also started a 3-month mentoring project, SHARPEN.  More stuff is coming as I can create time for it.

In the end, this whole thing is about you and what I can do for you.  I’m only one man, but if there is anything I can do to serve you, please let me know.  Please ask.  Even if I cannot help, I might know someone who can.  Use the contact me page above or leave a comment on this post.