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When was the last time you had the words “Davidic Covenant” in your kids’ curriculum?  When was the last time your kids left church actually knowing what those words meant?  Exactly.  What’s in the Bible?, the innovative video series from Phil Vischer and accompanying curriculum attempt to change that. What’s In The Bible? has just released the last of the volumes the Old Testament, nine videos in all. As a celebration for having finished the Old Testament, What’s In The Bible? has been doing a blog tour with each DVD curriculum being reviewed by a different blogger. I’m number five on the list and coincidentally will be reviewing volume 5. Much of what I would have said has already been said four times, so check out the other reviews to find that the curriculum is complete, creative, customizable, and content driven (bonus points for using the same letter to start each word!).  It is all of these things for sure.  I thought I’d look at some different elements.


Real. Years ago, King George and the Ducky, a Veggie Tales video, was released that attempted to teach the story of David and Bathsheba in a kid friendly manner.  While hilarious, entertaining, and even educational, it was not the full story.  Too many times, for fear of turning someone off, we shy away from the trickier stuff in the Bible when teaching kids.  But those tricky parts are there for a reason, because they teach us so much about mankind and God’s plan for redemption.  Each week, What’s In The Bible? provides lessons that hit at the heart of what God was trying to teach by giving us the Old Testament and show us just how we fit into Gods’ big rescue plan.  Phil Vischer and his excellent team have put together something that teaches kids the Bible at their level.  They do not make the Bible out to be some set of fairy tales or moralistic tales.  They will teach your kids the Bible as it should be heard.

Engaging. Incorporating various methods of teaching, Phil and team will keep your kids involved in the entire process of learning what’s in the Bible.  Each activity is well thought out and each video is short enough to keep attention and creative enough to make it fun.  The fact that the people who work on this project actively work with kids means that they know what works well with today’s kids.

Worth It.  We are starting the What’s In The Bible? curriculum with our kids this fall.  The only reason we’ve waited this long is because I wanted more lessons available before starting.  I’m excited that our kids will get a comprehensive knowledge of their Bibles through these lessons.  We sampled a couple of lessons with them this spring and I’m certain that there are few curriculums available that will get kids this excited about their Bibles.  The financial cost is minimal considering the value of what you are getting.

Jesus.  While I have not watched every video in this series, every video I have watched has one thing in common, Phil is constantly pointing us back to Jesus.  It’s as if the whole Bible is actually about Him even though He hasn’t even been born yet by the time volume 9 wraps up.  This is, hands down, my favorite part.

In addition to my review, I’ve been asked to give away a copy of volume 5 of the curriculum and also let you know that you can enter to win all nine volumes by entering your email address at the special Race to the Finish giveaway page.  To enter to win volume 5, just leave a comment below telling us your favorite Bible story you will never teach in kids’ church (like mine is when Judah and company convince their enemies to be circumcised and then kill them while they are writhing in pain).

To purchase one or all of the curriculums, click here.

To see my initial thoughts I had when I originally discovered What’s in the Bible?, see my DVD review.

Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of volume 5 for the purposes of this review.

And finally, here is a video from my “friend” Phil introducing the curriculum.

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