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Following is a list of notes available from the CM Leaders conference.  Since there are only main sessions and no breakouts, there probably won’t be much variance from blogger to blogger, but I’m going to compile as many posts as I can.  You can also check out the best quotes from CM Leaders. Click “Read More” to see all the links.


Wayne Stocks (

CM Leaders – Michael Chanley
CM Leaders – Craig Johnson – Four Keys to Leadership
CM Leaders – Marie Kuck – What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?
CM Leaders – Mike Johnson
CM Leaders – Brian Dollar – Kidminnovator (From Duplication to Innovation)
CM Leaders – Larry Fowler
CM Leaders – Sheila Robinson – Volunteers
CM Leaders – Sam Luce
CM Leaders – Phil Vischer

Lindsey Whitney (

Craig Johnson: Four Keys to Leadership
CMLeaders: Getting Started!
CMLeaders: Margaret Feinberg
CMLeaders: Steve Adams
CMLeaders: Denise Kjesbo
Brad Tate: Disciple {CMLeaders Conference}
Marie Kuck: Lead {CMLeaders}
Mike Johnson: Lead {CMLeaders}
Brian Dollar: Lead {CMLeaders}
Larry Fowler: Lead {CMLeaders}
John Branyan: CMLeaders Comedy
New Friends at #CMLeaders!

Barbara Graves (

CM Leaders Conference
CM Leaders Conference: Michael Chanley
CM Leaders Conference: Bite-Size Bits
CM Leaders Conference: Develop from Craig Johnson
CM Leaders Conference: Lead from Brian D. Dollar
CM Leaders Conference: Disciple From Sam Luce

Tom Bump (

CM Leaders Conference 2012 Reflections
CM Leaders Conference 2012- Reflections Part 2
CM Leaders Conference 2012- Feinberg & Adams

Ron Brooks (

Live from cmleaders conference
Thoughts from CMLeaders conference
Top Leadership quotes from CMLeaders
CMLeaders: 2 Characteristics of an effective leader

Commander Bill Gunther (

CMLeaders Preview
CM Leaders Conference – A Summary
CM Leaders – Develop
CM Leaders – Lead
CM Leaders Exclusive!!!
CM Leaders – Disciple

Karl Bastian-The Kidologist (

CM Leaders Conference is a Must