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Earlier today, I launched the first episode of a new podcast I will be hosting. The show is called, Out of the Boat, a name suggested by my good friend, Wayne Stocks. I’ll be the first to admit that it is somewhat amateurish and I do not have the necessary equipment to do a high quality production like others. So why even bother? Why add one more thing to my plate? I list five reasons below.

out of the boat

Reason 1: I have more interests than just one. While currently hosted here on this blog, my intention is for the podcast to cover a broader range of topics than just children’s ministry. There are many facets to myself, many things that interest me and capture my heart. I enjoy dialoguing about some of those things and they will find their way into the podcast. The three areas I will be focusing on are faith, family, and ministry.

Reason 2: I enjoy speaking more than writing. I’ve always said I was a better speaker than I am a writer, but I’m not sure I am the best judge of that. You should listen to my first episode and judge for yourself. However, I do feel more comfortable speaking than I do writing.

Reason 3: I have much to learn. Tagging onto the broader interests discussed in reason 1, I have so much more to learn about life. They tell me the best way to learn about something is to teach it, so that is a key part of this podcast.

Reason 4: I have something to say. If in recording this podcast, I am able to bless someone the way I have been blessed by others, then it will be a success. So many people throughout my life have poured into me and I owe much of who I have become to those people. I feel a sense of duty to share that blessing with others and this is the door is currently open to me. As you listen, you’ll hear my voice, but you will often hear phrases, words, and ideas that are not mine. I’ll attempt to give credit where credit is due, but some of those things have become such a part of who I am, I no longer know where they came from. I often catch myself saying something and then realizing after the fact I sound just like one of my various mentors. I share these ideas freely that maybe, just maybe, I can do the same for you.

Reason 5: It can get better. Just because something is not perfect, does not mean it is not ready. I recognize my own limitations in doing this podcast, but I felt that I had to start it. I have plans/dreams/goals for how to make it better, but I do not currently have the resources to realize those goals. So I’ve started and I hope that as I’m faithful in this little thing, God will provide the growth opportunities. I fully recognize one of the biggest areas that needs growth is me, the host.