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Social media has become somewhat of a buzzword in the world today, but it is far more than just that. Social media is the means by which the world is connecting. More and more people are turning to social networks to do everything from vent frustrations, share joyful moments, buy and sell products, and even get answers to questions. To think that social media is only important in reaching the next generation is to ignore the immense growth in social networks among older adults. My grandma spends a lot of time connecting on Facebook.

Be Social cover shortHistorically, smaller communities were years behind in technology trends, but even in my rural community this gap is shrinking rapidly. This means that the learning curve that used to be available to these small town churches no longer exists. It also means those trends that were easily skipped because they never even made it to our communities also no longer exists.

Be Social coverAs leaders in these communities, we need to stay up on current trends and methods that are available in reaching our communities. Social media in general is likely the best resource we have in our arsenal. In order to help in this area, Matt McKee has created an extremely helpful e-book titled, Be Social. While this book is not the end all resource, it is an excellent guide to getting started in the world of social media. He has also made this book available for free.

For a more comprehensive book on social media in the church, check out Going Social by Terrace Crawford.

And lastly, if you still need help with your social media strategy, let me recommend Roar Pro (affiliate link). Roar has multiple package options available to help with your social media strategy. This would require a pretty significant investment, but for your church it may be worth it.

Does your church have a social media strategy? What methods of social media are you currently using to reach your community?