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I’m not what you would call a big fan of hockey, but I lived in Minnesota for 4 years and developed an appreciation of the sport during that time. Someone shared this video with me on Facebook the other day and I thought it was neat. What I didn’t expect is what I would find next. The first video features Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks (boo!) showing off his impressive stick and puck handling. The second video shows his teammate, Brandon Bollig, demonstrating his less impressive stick and puck handling skills.

Even though he doesn’t quite have the same skill set as his teammate, he obviously used one of the skills he does have, comedy. Enjoy and be reminded that you may not have the same skills as someone down the street, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t talented. Find what you are good at and do that. The message of Christ is too large to be contained by one teaching style or ministry gift. It takes a team working together.