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I’m glad #thedress was such a big deal, though it will only get it’s few seconds of fame before we move onto something equally trivial. I’m certainly not a fashion guy and I realize the whole thing was a giant time killer, but it did something, something that few people caught. Sure, there are major issues in this world like ISIS, child hunger, and racial tensions. But this dress gave the world a chance to enjoy something together, even in the midst of our disagreement. Most importantly, it was fun to see people discover the science behind why we see the dress differently. Seeing people excited about scientific discovery always excites me. Despite our differences, let’s all chase real answers and enjoy the process. Life (and science and even religion) is not about us verse them, it’s about us.

[But, the dress is white and gold.]


I first heard about the dress on Facebook with a link to Smosh

And the best scientific explanation I’ve seen is from Wired