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Recently, I was added to yet another group on Facebook. This one was for Children’s Pastors and Children’s Ministries Leaders. My first thought was, “not another group,” but the group has actually turned out to be a nice resource.Facebook
What’s nice is that this group is very active. It’s a place where people are quick to share ideas and answer questions. The other day, I needed a lesson in short order that could be taught by someone who wasn’t a regular teacher. I posted my dilemma on the group and had quite a few responses within minutes. What really amazed me was that a few of those responses were from local leaders whom I know outside of Facebook. One of my friends texted me right away and another one offered to bring me some curriculum to use. I was blown away.
Another nice thing about this group is that it is frequented by some very thoughtful and respected leaders in the field. I rarely get the sense that they are there just to promote their own stuff. They really want to serve the kidmin community. This offers a nice range of discussion and insight. You have everything from the newbie looking for a little advice just to get started all the way up to the veterans with decades of experience.
If you’re in need of some fresh ideas, some encouragement, or need a place to get some questions answered, you might want to join the group.