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Meet Circle, a new way of protecting and managing the way your family uses the Internet. Circle is not a router, but works alongside your existing router to help you manage the content your family is accessing. The team at Circle have honestly thought of just about everything. Let’s take a quick look at a few areas they have you covered. 

With Circle, you can set limits on how much time can be spent on certain apps or on the Internet as a whole. There is so much control, it is almost ridiculous. Even when you are not managing the time, Circle lets you see how time is being spent with their “Insights.” Not only that, you can have a set bedtime that will cut off access and leave it off for a specified period of time. Worried about different bedtimes for different kids? Circle allows you to tailor each part of the app to each member of your family. Really want to see your family freak out? Press the pause button and pause the Internet for all devices.

Circle not only manages how users spend their time, but what they are accessing. You can use pre-designed, age-appropriate filters or customize your own. This protects your family members from unwittingly (or intentionally) accessing things they should never see. As an added bonus, Circle has a built-in ad blocker.

Circle is built with some of the best technology in the industry. It is well designed and built with simplicity in mind. Even with very little knowledge of technology, you will find that Circle is easy to setup and use. They even thought of other things, like adding a battery so that a crafty teenager doesn’t just turn the device off.

Circle is a one-time purchase of $99. No monthly fees to keep you paying over and over. Honestly, this is reason enough to look into. Other security software is not close to this robust and will have you paying that in less than a few months.

As an added bonus, Circle has partnered with Disney. Circle provides families with Disney entertainment that parents trust and children love. This unique partnership allows families to have access to Disney videos, blogs, GIFs, memes, emojis, music, games, characters and lots more all through Circle.

For more information about Circle or to purchase one for you own own, I encourage you to Meet Circle.

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